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Our Team



Dishwasher & ranker

Connect with folks, synthesize information, and simplify language without sacrificing personality? Can do.

After a decade in the classroom, I was ready for a new adventure.

I discovered a passion for writing in 2016. I wrote silly, instructive short stories for my Spanish classroom and pivoted in 2022 to use that audience-tailored, data-informed writing in the world of marketing.

When not writing, I'm watching "Survivor," tidying something, or ranking... just about everything,


list maker & baker

Finding connections is my specialty – either through book recs, navigating relational tension, or writing.


I love to take something good and help make it better, especially by giving writing feedback to my high school students. 


I try to find the beauty in everything, especially the imperfections. 


My life motto is, “Wouldn’t this be even better outside in the sunshine?” When it comes to reading on my Kindle, journaling, or making pizza, that’s definitely true.

the Johnson family

lucia, phoenix, and wilder

mess coordinators & giggly book lovers

Lucia has strong Older Sister vibes, loves to draw and listen to an audiobook, and makes a mean fruit salad.

Phoenix jokes his way out of conflict, goes full speed 'til he crashes in bed, and loves Lightning McQueen.

Wilder is 2 going on 13, will disarm frustration with a toothy grin, and would like what's on your plate.

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