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How Much Is An Experience Worth?

Last November, we landed coveted Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets. I survived hours in the queue while hoping to snag tickets. Once it started moving and I finally got inside, I panicked a little and bought tickets that were at the high end of what Steph and I agreed was reasonable to pay. We decided they would be our Christmas presents to each other and all was well. (Because like all experiences, Eras tour tickets cost!)

Until I got laid off two days later.

(The quick lesson? The Lord gives and takes away.)

A few people asked in the winter, “Are you gonna sell the tickets now?” Naively, I thought I would have a job again within a few months. Plus, we had aggressively built up an emergency fund when I left education and ventured into the private sector, where we knew a lay-off was a possibility. Unemployment paid the mortgage, I was actively looking for a job, and we truly thought I would have a new role by February, so why would we ever need to sell them?

February came and went.

Then March.

Then April.

By that point, the Eras Tour had started and the world was beginning to realize just how popular this tour was destined to be. Sure, Swifties broke Ticketmaster but once clips were up on TikTok and Instagram and the resell market went into full swing, it was obvious that this was more than a blip of the radar of pop culture phenomena. This was the phenomenon.

I still didn’t have a job and unemployment was going to run out at the end of May. I started freelance writing in April and had a good slate lined up for June but once again, the question came: Are you thinking about selling the tickets?

Fast forward to the week of the concert in late June, I got curious and looked it up. Tickets in our section were selling for 10x what we paid. Ten. Times. Most people would objectively look at that and declare it pure stupidity to pass up the chance to make ten times what you paid for something (and for minimal effort).

Still, we didn’t consider selling them for a second. (Well, okay, I imagined it for a second but Steph didn’t for any amount of time.)


The experience was worth more. (And again, we were privileged enough not to need the cash.)

We may never have the chance to see Taylor again. Maybe you think we’re crazy for passing up that much money but I believe we all have times when an experience is worth more than the price tag.

Concerts. Football games. Once-in-a-lifetime vacations. These things can cost more than it feels like they should and if we let logic take over, we could talk ourselves out of them. To be sure, there are times when the budget says a purchase is too much and not wise. But there are also times when it’s good to spend.

And share the experience with people you love. And make memories (and friendship bracelets).

Taylor Swift and backup dancers take a bow during the finale of the Eras tour
The finale of the Eras tour in Cincinnati, Night 1

Okay, this part is just for fun but I can’t resist.

Should’ve Said No to the desire to see the concert? Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve?

Nah. We lived out Friday, June 30 in Style.

this is me trying to fight the temptation to do this but… Ready for It? long story short, it was an Enchanted night seeing the 1 and only Taylor. Never in my Wildest Dreams did I think I’d be with my Babe in a glistening Dress when we were 22 (plus a decade and some change) dancing in the Daylight with 60,000 other Swifties.

The hype wasn’t a hoax because Ours was a night of good Clean fun (and some champagne problems—well, Truly problems.) Drove home in Midnight Rain and have been living in the Afterglow ever since. We wouldn’t Change a thing.

Have a Question…? Reach out and let’s chat all things Taylor, Eras, and possible easter eggs. I Wish You Would!]


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